Adult Beginners  — Building Basics Program


The Building Basics program cater for the absolute beginner

as well as those who feel there are gaps in their understanding of basics.


We hope you will develop skills and enjoy discovering the artist within.

This is a fabulous way to build basics and to meet like-minded people. No previous experience needed







2019 Tutor : Nicola Hooper




  •  The Building Basics course caters for the absolute beginner as well as those who feel there are gaps in their knowledge of drawing and painting basics.
  • The course cycles through different units over  one year.
  • At any time a student may decide to move into the Intermediate to Advanced group.
  • Acrylic is the main painting medium taught in this course. Other mediia introduced throughout the year will include charcoal, graphite and watercolour.
  • The Beginners' Year course is structured so that basics are covered. It is our intention that these basics will then become the building blocks for further extension.
  • The course is carefully structured with a balance of direction, guidance and flexibility.
  • The emphasis is hands-on. To facilitate this hands-on approach, there will be demonstrations, discussions and viewing of relevant selected art


  • We aim to introduce you to the basics of painting and drawing in a supportive and flexible environment.


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We aim to cover the following:


  • Colour

The wonder of colour mixing and colour harmonies through colour mixing exercise, viewing works by selected artists and applying this to projects on  canvases.


  • Ways to apply paint. We’ll be using acrylics mostly. Watercolour will be introduced in term 3. Ways of applying paint will be demonstrated and you will have the opportunity to experiment, observe and apply.


  • How to create an interesting composition.

The basic elements of composition and design will be introduced along the way. These are built into everything we do when creating an artwork.


  • Drawing

Structural and observational drawing

The versatility of charcoal and graphite.

Basic studio procedures


  • Studio Practice

Stay organised, stay safe, have fun.


  • Exhibiting

All students in term 4 are involved in the Annual Brizart Exhibition




 Flexibility is important. Every class, and every student, is unique. Where necessary and applicable, the course will be adapted and tailored to the on-going interests and developing expertise of the class and the individual members of the group.



 Donna Zatorsky is delighted with her first painting in the 2017 Absolute Beginners Class - and so are we all!. Congratulations Donna! Read what Donna says : Being an “absolute” novice, I have been amazed by what I have achieved in just a few weeks at the Friday Beginners Art class. Completing my first ever acrylic still-life painting was both a challenge and a joy. Nicola is a very energetic and positive tutor and seems determined to reveal our “hidden inner artists” with her supportive approach. The atmosphere in the class is relaxed and co-operative, thus enabling us to have fun and socialise but also focus on the technical skills we will need to express our own creativity. Nicola is generous with her advice and I have benefited from her individual attention. As a beginner, I am already inspired and excited to continue on my artistic journey. Donna

     Overall we hope that you will develop confidence in painting and drawing and enjoy the process!

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