Building Basics

Materials list for Term 1

This list will form your basic starter kit for the year .

There will be a few additions and surfaces need to be purchased along the way.



There are many places, which provide these items.

You will find some Art Supplies listed here

N.B Painting Surfaces:

 A list of painting surfaces will be available closer to the start of term


A: Paints

 Paints come in different grades eg: economy, student and artist quality. Artist quality is superior in colour intensity, consistency & permanence. However they are much more expensive than student quality,  so we advise that you start with student quality.

If you decide to purchase artist quality we suggest Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint. Note acrylic brands are intermixable however  mixing other brands with Atelier Intermixable will alter some of the interactive qualities . A set of student quality acrylic paints for experimental work is often a good idea even if you work with artist quality for your extension work. Some student quality brands we suggest are:  A2 Student Acrylic, Mont Marte Dimension Acrylics and Chromacryl Student Acrylic 75ml


 Colours for a starter kit: start with at least 75 ml tubes (or similar):

1. Cool primaries:

a. Cool Yellow (eg Lemon Yellow or Cad Yellow Light hue) ,

b. Cool Red (Crimson)

c. Cool Blue (Cerulean Blue)

2. Warm Primaries:

a.  Warm Yellow (eg Cadmium yellow medium hue)

b. Warm Red (eg Scarlet Red or Brilliant, or Cadmium red light.)

c. Warm Blue (Ultramarine Blue)

3. Yellow Ochre (Note A2 Student Acrylic do not have this colour but other brands are intermixable)

4. Raw Umber

5. Titanium white

6. Black

7. Paynes Grey


B: Painting mediums

There are many different acrylic mediums. We’ll start with:

1. A 250 mls flow control painting medium such as: Chromacryl Painting Medium & Varnish, Derivan Spreader Medium, Atelier Satin vanish & painting medium” or Atelier Clear Painting Medium 250ml.

2. Retarder medium or Atelier Slow Medium


C: Palettes  & water containers

1. Palettes:  don’t buy anything until we have discussed options in your first lesson.

a. A white mixing surface is preferable.

b. Meat trays, the glossy side of cereal packet cardboard, plastic ice cream container lids can all be used for colour mixing. Plastic palettes can also be purchased. Before spending too much on palettes wait until this has been discussed in week 1.

c. Milk bottle tops are very useful for both paint mediums and colour mixing.

d. A “Stay wet palette” will keep your paint useable for up to 3 weeks. Making up a stay wet palette will be demonstrated in the  in Week 1

2. At least 2 plastic water containers eg yogurt or ice cream containers.

3. Mixing knives: Plastic knives ,paddle pop sticks or metal palette knives (we’ll discus this in your first lesson)


D: Brushes

 Brushes can be very expensive so start with a range of sizes of the cheaper hog hairbrushes.

 Here are some other suggestions:

4 Flat Hog Hair Bristle brushes: approx .5 cm, 1 cm, 1.5cm and 2.5cm.

Filbert brushes are also lovely to paint with so you might like to purchase a Filbert brush approx 1cm.

Or the  7 piece Mont Marte Acrylic Brush Sets (approx $22. The Art Shed price)



e. Every lesson Items

Coffee Mug & morning tea

Roll of paper towel

Apron (optional) but a good idea!

Masking tape

A4 Visual Diary,

A3 Visual Diary,

 2B  pencil

Willow charcoal (about 4 sticks)

Pencil eraser, sharpener

Glue stick


F. Easel/support

1. A Drawing Board.

a. A piece of masonite or ply board approx 60 by 43 cm (or larger) size is perfect.

2. Drawing board clips (eg bulldog clips or clothes pegs)

3. Easel:  If you wish to purchase an easel the table easels are convenient for easy transporting. I suggest one like the Mont Marte Large Traditional Desk Easel, Model No: MCG0035, price approx $56 (The Art Shed).


G. Other Items

1. Paint soap (optional but good for your brushes)

2. Gesso Primer - 250ml Atelier or Artist Spectrum. NB Mont Marte Gesso is too thin)


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