Young Adults  Art Class






Post Secondary School to 29yrs

Where: Kenmore, private studio


Tuesdays 6.45pm (for 7 PM) - 9pm


The focus of the class is on basic drawing and painting skills and the application of these skills into a number of media. Extension of concepts and techniques into the painting media of acrylics, oils, watercolours and the drawing media of charcoal, pastel and graphite is encouraged.  This class aims to accommodate students at all levels of their art experience. Advanced students will be encouraged to explore and develop personal strengths while also being challenged to extend skills and conceptual knowledge. In keeping with the philosophy of Brizart, the design process of creative problem solving will be inherent in all extension projects.








Fees covers most basic materials. Cost does not cover kiln firings. Term fees cannot cover artist quality materials.

Students might need to provide some of their own materials and/or equipment for larger extension project. Students working with clay, other than in tutor directed activities, will be required to cover firing costs.

You are required to provide the following:

1. A4 Visual Diary

2. A3 cartridge spiral sketchbook

3. Good quality pencil eraser eg Faber Castell

4. 1 pencil sharpener

5. Pencils: B, 2B, 4B,6B (preferably Staedtler, Faber Castell or Derwent:  NOT Mont Marte or Art Studio);

6. Pencil case.

7. Kneadable (putty) eraser- Faber Castell NOT Mont Marte or Art Studio

8. A3 economy grade watercolour paper pad (not an acrylic pad)

Please purchase one of the following brands of economy grade watercolour pads with

paper weight of 270gsm or 300 gsm (approx $25.00).

Canson Montvale     or  Reeves

Eraldo di Paolo Watercolour Pad  or similar


NB.  There is a great discrepancy between economy-grade brands. Some pads labelled as watercolour do not have sufficient seal for watercolour

Do not purchase Mont Matre, Art Studio, Art Academy, Derwent watercolour pads.

Do not purchase an acrylic pad.








Fees cover tuition as well as the costs of workplace health and safety requirements, insurance, basic materials & equipment. Invoices are issued by email.

Prices shown include GST.


Please also refer to the section: Terms of Enrolment

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